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Notes about this site's WPA records and data accuracy...

The data contained on this website was originally recorded by WPA (Works Progress Administration) workers during late 1930's. While the work done by the WPA workers was valuable -- it was incomplete and their accuracy did leave something to be desired.

This free online database was created from multi-generation typed copies of the transcriptions created by the WPA workers; which made much of the data difficult to read clearly. For all the reasons stated above, a name not included does not mean the individual was not buried there.

However, for some of our ancestors this may be the only record of their death. Thus, we present this material to you, with some reservations, as originally recorded, blemishes and all. Check other sources if you can, and treat this data as a "lead" that needs further verification.

If you have verifiable information that adds to or corrects the stated WPA information . . . we encourage you to use our Post-em Notes tool to add your comments.